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Sunday, March 8, 2015

08-03-2015 Bong & His Trip to Penang Part 2 (The artistic side of Penang: Murals & Shops)

After leaving Clan Jetty, 
we started to look after those famous 
street murals in Penang island~
and the first one that we passed by was this one~
"I want pau"
(P/S: Pau - chinese bread kind of food)
Right beside "I want pau",
we visited the not so very famous 
"Old kopitiam"
(P/S: Kopitiam - coffee shop in hokkien dialect) 
Of course,
we could miss one of the most famous one~
"Little children on bicycle" mural~
Look at the queue,
and the amount of people talking picture there~
I felt really sorry for the cars or motorcycles that 
had to pass by there~
Best time to take picture with this one
is actually in the noon~
then there wouldn't be any shadow while you are taking picture with it
Besides nice street murals,
we also visited some nice shops around the area~
The old shops located in tiny narrow streets,
make the whole area surrounded with
feels of heritage~
The most significant shop,
I must say is this one~
It is called
"Living story 14号生活馆"
They provided red papers to whoever that visited the shop
to write chinese new year wishing words~
For foreign visitors that couldn't write chinese words,
they were still welcomed to leave any word there~
To be continued..


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