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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

17-03-2015 Bong & His Trip to Penang Part 5 (From Kopi 'O' to Penang Hill)

After a long evening walk 
at Kek Lok Si Temple,
we had very good rest
and of course,
needed very good breakfast to start another long day~
I ordered Kopi 'O' (Black coffee)
for Arne to try..
and he liked it very much!
Not to forget,
Roti Kahwin (Married toast)!
But why it is called the married toast?
Because it is Kaya mixed Butter!
Perfect combination for toast~
I also had Arne trying other food
like this 'Loh Mee'
Arne pretended like not liking it...
but in reality 
he loved the taste!
He wanted to take picture of me
since I had been always taking picture of him~
there you go
a proper pic of me
with splendid Nasi Lemak!
Since it was still Chinese New Year
we saw the lion dance right after we finished eating our breakfast~
then it was time to resume the sight seeing again~
Our destination
was a place that I never been to as well~
"Penang Hill"
In order to go up to the hill,
we had to take this fast speed train~
which was pretty scary for me~
it was kinda scary for me
because the hill looks kinda steep~
After passing through the forest,
the tunnel..
a train ride less than 5 minutes...
then we arrived at the top of Penang Hill
712m above the sea level...
That was a very fast ride, 
wasn't it?
To be continued..


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