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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

11-03-2015 Bong & His Trip to Penang Part 3 (Kek Lok Si before sunset)

After walking 
and looking around 
without any rest for about 2 hours,
we took a small break~ 
Arne had a can of beer
and of course I also ordered 
'char hor fun'
for him to try~
After the small break,
we regained our energy
and walked to our hotel for checking in...
We rested for almost 2 hours at the hotel.
Around five in the evening,
we continued our sight seeing in Penang...
not on foot 
but taking a bus this time~
since the destination we wanted to go
was not walk-able distance from our hotel~
The bus ride took only less than 30 minutes,
but we waited like 40 minutes just for the right bus~
Tips for taking bus going to this famous destination
"Kek Lok Si"
is ...
just hop in any bus numbered 201, 202, 203 or 204...
whenever a bus stops, 
ask the bus driver if the bus is going to Kek Lok Si~
We dropped off the bus at the main road
and started walking towards the temple~
We passed by an old walking alley
where sellers had their shops opened there~
But around 6 in the evening, 
most of the shops were already closed,
or closing soon~
I have not been to this temple for almost 8 years
and this part of the temple has not changed at all~
There were still a lot of
many people bought food to feed them~
To be continued...


  1. update? Today is 11 March.....5.00pm only...

    1. ha ha ha ha, no la, but i wrote it yesterday, today published ma :)


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