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Sunday, March 29, 2015

29-03-2015 Bong & His Trip to Penang Part 8 (Penang Food & Gurney Drive)

One of the famous things about 
Penang island
is certainly its delicious food~
Therefore I have ordered different food 
every single meal
just for Arne to try all of them out~
Well this is Ais Kacang
(means Ice with nuts)
Then he also tried 
"Cuttle fish with convolvulus"
When it was served,
it looked like that...
But you must fix everything together with the sauce~
to make it looks like that....
Next was this chinese "Yam Cake"..
Well, it is not really a cake,
but Google translate says it is cake...
so... =)
Arne was kinda scared to try fried oyster at first...
(because he doesn't like oyster)
but after he tasted it,
it wasn't as 'oysterish' as he expected it to be...
so that was kinda good~
Last but not least is Mua Chi~
It means sesame...something, 
they are like chinese sasame cake being cut into small pieces~
Well Arne LIKED it!
By the way, there were more food that 
he had tasted in this Penang trip~
and some I have posted in the previous posts~
That night we had our dinner at the food court
at Gurney drive actually~
Gurney drive is a popular place
where people go dating...
or just go for a walk in the evening~
We walked from Gurney Drive
back to our hotel,
which took us about 40 minutes~
Though it was really a long walk,
it was still very much relaxing and enjoyable to Arne!
To be continued...


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