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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

25-03-2015 Bong & His Trip to Penang Part 7 (From LOVE lock to Mamak)

At Penang Hill,
there is also this new spot
like they have it in Paris and South Korea
'The LOVE lock'~
It was nice to have a couple of cold drinks
while sitting on top of the hill~ 
Not to forget,
a 'typical' tourist picture before we left this lovely place~
We took a bus and went back
to George Town area...
At that time, 
we were already kinda tired..
and hungry~
Then I suggested Arne
to try out Malaysian Mamak food!
Arne with teh tarik~
"It is really good...."
He also tried Mee Goreng Mamak
(Mamak style fried noddles)
but he didn't like it so very much~
And lastly,
mamak food that he can never missed~
Roti Canai (Indian pancake)
There is this 
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre 
near to where our hotel locates...
but we were both not so very interested
in history stuffs...
we just headed back to hotel
and enjoyed some good time at swimming pool~
To be continued..


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