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Saturday, March 14, 2015

14-03-2015 Bong & His Trip to Penang Part 4 (Kek Lok Si after sunset)

We reached the temple around 7 in the evening
and the sun was not down yet~
Of course even before the sunset,
the temple was already looking
with all the lantern decorations
and its nice interior~
But Arne was already feeling
tired walking because
it is a really BIG temple
with a lot of stairs~
At that time, 
there was a lot of people
standing at some nice spots
waiting to take the perfect picture of the temple
during sunset~
Around quarter to eight...
they started switching on the lights~ 
As the sky turned darker,
the lantern lights seemed to shine even brighter~
Just touring around the temple wasn't enough for us..
We paid to go up this pagoda~
The view from the pagoda
was really spectacular~
Arne said 
they looked like diamonds shining 
in the dark~
Not just the temple,
we were able to see night views of Penang
at the Pagoda~!
Then at the pagoda,
we saw the big Guan Yin statue that we wanted to visit as well~
we went down...
and walked to another side of the temple
which is the entry for this Guan Yin statue...
Though it was big queue 
waiting to take the inclined lift,
it actually didn't take so much waiting time since 
they had two lifts operating at the same time...
Needless to say,
the place was looking amazing with 
so many lanterns decorating and lighting up
the temple in the night~
The Guan Yin statue was really 
as you can see its size in comparison with 
those tiny human being ~
We ended the trip 
after the visit of this Guan Yin statue...
Since it was kinda late
and there was crazy heavy traffic at the temple~
we didn't manage to get any taxi or bus from there.

we walked for about 3 KM 
then only managed to get a taxi ...

To be continued.....

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