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Thursday, July 7, 2016

07-07-2016 Bong & Geiranger Part 1

After parking the car
at Hellesylt,
we ran to the jetty that would take us to 
We were not so very lucky
with the weather..
it rained a little bit and the sky was kinda grayish...
But that did not
spoil the breathtaking view
of the whole journey~
Instead it gave a
blurry mystery
kind of fairy take feeling to the beautiful fjords~
Both Lars and the audio guide
gave a lot of information
about the fjords, waterfalls, old farms
throughout the journey~
But this is the only one
that I remember~
The seven sisters waterfall!
and the suitor
(shape of a bottle)
And not to forget,
this skull-looking
which has no story and I was the one noticed it!
After about an hour,
we slowly approached Geiranger
and there were already some vacation cruises there~
Imagine how nice it is
to have a room
with balcony in a cruise~

The first place that we went
after arriving at Geiranger
was this famous
Geiranger Chocolate store.
Producing chocolates
that mix with ingredients such as brown cheese,
or even...
I ordered a cup of warm
chocolate with chili~
After a small break
at Geiranger Chocolate,
we continued to the sight-seeing...
to the 
wonderful majestic 
Geiranger waterfall~
Just follow the sign...
and follow the pathway~
And climb up
the stairs~
To be continued.....


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