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Sunday, July 10, 2016

10-07-2016 Bong & Geiranger Part 2

When you are at Geiranger,
going for the waterfall walk
is a must to do~
The whole walk took us 
less than 10 minutes~
and we reached at this
photo taking point~
In west coast Norway,
they have this kind of roof
where grass/plants grow all over the roof of cabins~
Not to forget to mention
this lady who has been working HARD
on her garden~
Continuing the waterfall walk,
we then reached at this Norwegian fjord center~
We were not really interested in
this kind of museum thing~
So all we did was only buying a postcard to send to a friend~
Postcards sold at the tourist shops
near to the jetty are slightly cheaper~
After that,
we chose another way to go down the hill~
There is no walking pathway,
but it is totally safe to walk~
The road looks kinda scary too~
Since the cars need to turn
360 degrees (for many times)!!
We saw a church
and decided to go in~
It was actually the smallest
church in Norway I had ever been in~
Everything there was so old
and we were really fascinated with that~
There is another pathway
that people can use to walk down the hill from the church~
Along the pathway,
we passed by a place where I really thought
was the best place to take picture of Geiranger!
to the left? 
to the right?
After more than 4 hours
sight-seeing at Geiranger,
we took the same ferry to go back to Hellesylt
The ferry has cafeteria,
and top deck has seats where passengers can sit 
and enjoy the beautiful views along the way~
Bye Geiranger~
Back to Hellesylt...
Remember to buy return ferry ticket
they are way cheaper than one way ticket~
and the sight-seeing
did not end just there~

To be continued....



  1. the ferry reminds me of western canada went from Vancouver to victoria there were so many tiny islands with houses on them wanted one for my self!!!!

    1. ha ha ha :) lets work on your dream then Amer!