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Sunday, July 24, 2016

24-07-2016 Bong & Nams-Inn

For our 24 hours journey driving to north,
we chose to stop and overnight at this
The room that we ordered
was a double persons room~
The room was simple...
and we had a nice little view of the river~
But the duvets can be
improved a lot~ 
The bathrooms were shared bathrooms..
not as clean as bathrooms at Krokstrand~
but still big and okay! Hehe!
We got room number 4
and I thought we might bumped into
But turned out we only slept very well...
and nothing approached us~
For our dinner,
we ordered one fried salmon and one fried pollock~
but since they were already out of pollock,
they offered us salmon without extra charge.
(Salmon was more expensive than pollock)
The dinner tasted great,
except we did not get the point 
why the little slice of orange was there~
The breakfast was included in the room price
and it was served not at the cafeteria but at this Fosserud pub 
Normal breakfast
but quite a variety of pålegg~
A double room with shared bathroom
breakfast inclusive~
850 Kroner...
That's all about Nams-Inn.
Quite a nice place for overnight actually~


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