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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

20-07-2016 Bong & From Stranda til Trollstigen

Early next day,
we departed from Stranda...
Took the ferry
from Stranda to Liabygda~
Very short trip...but quite expensive~
The weather was rather good
to start off out journey to next destination
We took a wrong turn
once we came out from the ferry~
no turning back...
we just took it as more sight-seeing in west coast~
After driving about 1.5 hours from Liabygda,
finally we reached Trollstigen~
Looking at the roads
to drive up to Trollstigen,
I was already feeling worried
even though I wasn't the driver~
The narrow turning
makes the driving very difficult~
and that is
a lot of turning...
all the way to the peek!
Each turning/curve 
has its own name~
We were lucky that
on our way driving up...
there were not that many cars
or tourist buses~
After the challenging uphill driving,
we were on the top!
Looking at the roads
that Arne had just driven,
I must say I admire his courage ~
and not to forget his driving skills!
There is also this hiking path
that visitors can take~
But we did not do that 
since we were kinda rushing to our next destination~
It was a long journey for Arne to drive that day
we spent only little yet valuable time
on the peek~
then drove down again to go to our next destination~
To be continued...