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Sunday, July 17, 2016

17-07-2016 Bong & Lievarden

The next day,
Lars brought us to our first
west coast mountain hike~
That was not so very difficult actually,
since we could drive the car up to the mountain
and into the forest~
Why was a bus there?
Anyway the whole mountain hike
took us only like
1++ hour one way~
It was quite a sunny day
that day~
So I was lucky enough to experience both gloomy mysterious
and shinny bright weather at the west coast~
the trees there are so old
until they start to grow beard~ 
We walked
and walked
and walked....
and thought that we were the only three hiking early that morning~
No... there were a few Polish tourists too!
That explained why 
there was a bus at the downhill
on our way driving up to the mountain~
The higher we hiked,
the nicer the view we got~
After around 1.5 hours of hiking,
we reached the top
and we were not the only one there~
There were a big group of Polish tourists too~
We wrote our names 
in the log book there
and to be slightly more special,
I wrote my Chinese name instead of English name~
We stand n the top of the mountain
enjoying the amazing scenery
and atmosphere
for a while....
Then we
just walked down the mountain~
The way down took us less time....
As usual,
going downhill is always easier than climbing up~


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