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Saturday, September 24, 2016

24-09-2016 Bong & Penang Homestay

The day before our flight from Penang to Hong Kong,
we stayed a night at this Charmaine Lodge~
It is located at Elit Height,
Bayan Baru~
at the 27th floor....
So needless to say,
the view from the balcony was just fantastic~
We rented a small room
with shared bathroom~
which costed us MYR 123.
The apartment doesn't have wifi
and fridge,
which is kinda a problem~
We thought of going to the top floor
to find the swimming pool~
But then found out that it was somewhere at a lower floor~
Located at the 7th floor,
there are swimming pool,
and other recreational facilities~
At ground floor of the condo,
you can find tones of restaurants
and cafes~
But mostly the same kind (Chinese, Japanese & Korean)
The location is near to the airport,
so it was perfect for us since
we needed to catch an early flight~
We chose a Japanese restaurant
with a conveyor belt sushi bar~
(Since Arne never experienced that)
The food was okay,
not the best Japanese food I have ever eaten,
but still recommendable~
The name of the shop
is Sushi Mentai
The owner of the homestay
told us 
the night view is even better than during daytime~
I guess she wasn't lying!

BYE for now
to Malaysia~

See you in 4.5 months!

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