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Monday, September 5, 2016

05-09-2016 Bong & Rjukan

After spending 2 days at the lovely cabin
at Edland,
it was time for us to drive back to Oslo~
We decided to use
another road to drive back to Oslo~
and drop by the 'interesting' town
Why is it so interesting?
the town itself is located
in between two mountains~
So it got almost no sun light
when there is only short period of day time 
during autumn-winter~
The town is of course,
like other town in Norway~
small and cozy....
We were there
before 11 am on a Sunday morning...
So the town was just quiet with almost no one~
These three mirrors
on the mountain
was placed to reflect the sun light
so that they will have sun light reflected
into the town~
After spending around 30 minutes
walking around in this
deadly quiet town,
we continued out journey
driving back to Oslo~
We followed the GPS system
in the car,
and it guided us a road
which required us to drive through
one of the famous
in Norway~

To be continued...

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