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Thursday, September 15, 2016

15-09-2016 Bong & Airplane Food

This time traveling back from Norway
to Malaysia,
we had the chance to experience
food from three different airline company~

(1) British Airways
from Oslo to London
It was only a 3.5 hours flight
so we got only 'snack'
to be honest...
the pastrami tasted kinda nice!
Muffin was okay as well~

(2) Cathay Pacific
From London to Hong Kong
We were served dinner
not very long after the flight took off~
Arne chose chicken with rice while
I chose fish~
The best part of Cathay Pacific
(in my opinion)
is having Häagen-Dazs ice-cream for dessert!
And not to forget,
snacks that economic class passengers
can request during midnight~
Cup noodles!
That feeling of being served a warm cup of soup noodles...
in the middle of the night~
Arne chose sausage and scrambled eggs
while I chose seafood porridge~
Both were quite okay. 

(3) Dragonair 
from Hong Kong to Penang
I chose Japanese seafood noodles
while Arne chose chicken spaghetti~ 
The Japanese seafood noodles were just okay...
not that much 'seafood' there.

All in all,
Cathay Pacific has so far the best plane food
that I have experienced so far~
Hopefully in future can get the chance to try out other airline companies too~


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