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Saturday, September 3, 2016

03-09-2016 Bong & His Weekend at Haukelifjell

After a 3-hours walk
at mountain area near to the cabin,
we picked up the car
then drove to Haukelifjell~
We were very lucky
with the weather
since it was sunny~
The first stop
was at this Haukelisenter Fjellstue~
Sitting right next to the window
and enjoying the wonderful view,
we had some coffee
and pastry there~
Funny to see that 
the two languages on the same note
were referring to two different things~
Thanks in Norwegian 
but instruction to clean up in English????
We then continued our journey
to this place where they sell
"ekte geitøst' (Real goat cheese)~
This is a little house
which also works
as a shop at the basement~
And of course,
how can they sell goat cheese
without goats~
They were so gentle
and wanted to interact with us~
We tasted both white cheese
and brown cheese there~
White cheese tasted just okay, but brown cheese was just perfect~
So we bought some brown cheese...
then headed back to the cabin
to relax ~

To be continued~

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  1. 我看到這風景就想到一件事!