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Friday, October 14, 2016

14-10-2016 Bong & Langkawi Trip Part 4

After taking some rest,
we walked out from our guesthouse...
and there were 
plenty of eating & shopping places
at this Cenang Beach walking street~
The next day morning,
since we stayed so near to the beach...
so going to the beach
was of course
in our agenda!
At first Arne thought that
it might be a bit cold with
the water
since it wasn't a BIG sunny day~
But sorry~
The water in
South East Asia
is warm almost all the time!
It was a windy day
so you could see
the waves were splashing hard too~
Do you manage to see
a crab in this pic? 
Of course there are
also nice chalets or hotels at the beach
and they cost a lot more than the guesthouse we stayed in~
We walked about 30 minutes at the beach
then turned to the walking street again
to go back to the guesthouse~
After packing our stuffs and checking out,
we drove the car back to Kuah town.

But the journey did not end yet.

To be continued....


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