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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

11-10-2016 Bong & Langkawi Trip Part 3

After reaching the highest station,
we walked around...
and realized that
SkyBridge was actually
located at the other side...
So we went down again...
to the cable car station~
and there...
in order to go to SkyBridge,
you need to buy SkyBridge ticket
and it is not included in the SkyCab package~
We bought the tickets
and started the journey!
Though it is only 230 meter route,
it requires 10 minutes walking
since there are lots of up and down
with steep staircases~
After 10 minutes,
we reached the SkyBridge!!!
We understood immediately
why it was closed before that...
and the staffs even warned us when we insisted to buy tickets to enter~
The wind was blowing
so strong...
but of course,
me without any hair in the pictures
didn't really show how strong the wind was~
Now you can feel the
crazy wind
and how dangerous it could be
if the person was just busy taking pictures
and did not pay attention to the surface~
The wind was blowing
so hard
until someone's umbrella was blown AWAY! 
We had just a short time there
and rushed back to the cable car station
to meet up my daddy
(He was too tired to go for the SkyBridge)
Taking the cable car down,
it was kinda scary since
it was very steep
but at the same time...
the amazing
and breathtaking view would just
make you forget the fear for a moment~
and you can see
the beautiful 'Telaga Tujuh waterfalls'
from the cable car as well~
We finished the tour in about 2.5 hours time...
and that was the time
they were closing too~
We headed back to the motel
and awaited more to come~

To be continued....


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