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Monday, October 24, 2016

24-10-2016 Bong & Macau Trip Part 2

At Macau,
we stayed at this
Ole London Hotel...
The room was quite nice,
not too small
but the frustrating part was no window at all~ T.T
and as you can see,
most part of the ceiling was pretty low...
and the bathroom was also extremely small~
We were given a room at Level 1
so may be rooms at that level all have a low ceiling~
And for a room like that,
we paid for over MYR500/NOK 1000!!!
The hotel is located right beside 
Praça de Ponte e Horta~
and it is actually a nice surrounding there...
After having our first meal in Macau,
we walked from there
and turned right from Praça de Ponte e Horta~
While passing by R. do Gamboa street,
we saw this 
interesting building
which was like a connecting bridge
in between shop lots at two sides of street. 
We continued the walk from there
and suddenly we just appeared at this
RED street
"Rua de felicidade"
It actually means
Street of Happiness in Portuguese ~
Besides the redness of the street that caught our attention,
we also noticed that
there were also a few nice food shops
where people had to line up to wait for their turn to be served~
We went into
Lu Ban Carpentry Exhibition
just for a quick look~
The journey continued
and it wasn't difficult at all
to find our destinations
because there are signs most of the time
at the road junctions~
We passed by this temple,
and suddenly we were already at this street
with LOTS of people~
we knew we were not far from
Ruins of St. Paul's!!
After that,
we also went to the Monte Fort/Fortress Armourial~
It was kinda tiring
to climb up
all these stairs to be honest...
But the breathtaking view
was worth the hard 'walk'!!!

To be continued....


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