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Friday, October 21, 2016

21-10-2016 Bong & Macau Trip Part 1

After we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport,
the first thing we did was
rushing to
'Mainland/Macau Ferries'~
It is located at another terminal...
so we needed to take
train to go there~
Just follow the sign,
and you will reach these ticket counters~
Read carefully the sign because different counters
sell tickets to different places~
We bought our ferry tickets to Macau
and the best part was we didn't even have to
claim our luggage!
We just gave them our luggage tags
and they did the rest for us~
we wouldn't see our checked-in luggage
before we arrived at Macau!
Everything was clear!
and we boarded another train
to SkyPier!
We thought this was gonna be the ferry
we would be taking...
But instead
we took a smaller one~
The whole ferry journey took
around 1.5 hours...
and finally we arrived at
So disappointed
because we were expecting
new stamps on our passports
but all we got was only a small piece of paper~
We were thinking of
taking bus to our hotel...
because the buses do stop very near to the hotel we gonna stay in....
But it was lots of people that were taking the bus
and it isn't allowed to take in big luggage into the bus as well~  
So we just grabbed a cab
and it wasn't so expensive actually~
After checking into the hotel,
we immediately went out to fill our empty stomachs!
We found this MS Blossom Cafe
at a cornor of the street besides our hotel~
The cafe seemed pretty nice
and the menu appeared OK to us~
So we just went in to give it a try~
We ordered 
TsingTao beers,
Cubano Sandswitch 
(Afternoon tea set with a cup of coffee)
Seafood Risotto
The food tasted pretty good
and the atmosphere was really nice~
Though it wasn't as cheap as street food in Macau,
it was still quite cheap ~

To be continued.....

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