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Friday, October 7, 2016

07-10-2016 Bong & Langkawi Trip Part 2

After resting a bit at the hotel,
our first stop was to this
Langkawi Panorama.
However, the gateway entrance actually says
"Oriental Village"~
So after passing by the gateway entrance,
we just followed the sign to
SkyBridge and SkyCab!
It had rained a lot right
before we came.
So the SkyBridge was closed due to the thick fog
and windy weather~
We bought the tickets online
which are inclusive of SkyRex and SkyDome~
Since the SkyBridge was temporarily closed,
we went to SkyRex first~
basically it was a short
3D experience with dinosaurs~
Personally I felt
that it was kinda interesting~
Though it was a bit 'lame'! Lol!
After SkyRex,
we walked around
and tried to find SkyDome.
The whole oriental village
is actually nice~
With the foggy weather,
we had another kind of experience with this place...
After walking around for
some time,
we still haven't found the SkyDome.
Based on the sign,
it should be very near to the SkyCab....
At last we realized that...
the SkyDome was actually part of the SkyCab!
Before riding the SkyCab,
everyone was asked to go into this SkyDome...
Basically it is just
a even 'lamer' 3D experience
with roller-coaster!
Don't take that so serious!
The most important parts
SkyCab and SkyBridge!
To me the SkyCab
is one of the scariest cable cars I have taken
It isn't that high
but it is kinda steep
So after a few minutes ride,
we reached at our first stop~
You can see how foggy it was!
We were trying to look for SkyBridge..
but that wasn't the right place~
We were just at the middle station~
The ticket counter at the ground told us that SkyBridge was closed at that time,
we still wanted to at least see it!
So I tried my luck
and went up to ask if we could go up to the SkyBridge ~

To be continued...

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