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Monday, October 31, 2016

31-10-2016 Bong & Macau Trip Part 4

The night activity was all about Casino resort!
The first one that we went to
was Galaxy Macau~
The drop off area was 
super big
and the ceiling was like 'AMAZING'~
We entered its lobby
and got welcomed by even more 
We didn't go into the casino
but that was because we wasn't interested in that~
In Hong Kong,
you have 皇后大道東,
here in Galaxy they have 时尚大道東~ lol
We walked out from Galaxy
and entered another casino resort,
The Venetian~
Following the signs,
we found the famous
grand canal shoppes in just short time~
And yes,
we were still inside the building of Venetian~
But they have moved 
the sky, the canal...
and everything
INTO Venetian!
Pretty impressive huh?
And you know the chinese~
Whenever there is place with water
they will start treating it as wishing well!
After walking indoor for a couple hours,
we decided to go out
and have a look how was the night view there~
With tones of lights,
all we could say was
luxurious and amazing~
We noticed that
there was this tower that 
was constantly changing its light and color....
To find out what it was,
we decided to walk there~
As we got nearer,
we found out that
they didn't only import Venice into Macau~
But Paris Eiffel Tower too!!!!
From there,
we took a bus and go back to we stayed...
Taking bus in Macau was an interesting experience for me.
they had this number sign that kept changing constantly. 
It took me a while to realize was actually current speed of the bus.
Macau is the first country in Asia that
I have traveled to,
using European Language, which is Portuguese in their public transport!
On our way back,
the bus passed by the famous Macau tower....
but too bad we didn't have time for that :(

To be continued....

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