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Thursday, October 27, 2016

27-10-2016 Bong & Macau Trip Part 3

The time we reached
at the top of the Monte Fort,
it was actually just the perfect timing~
because it was actually sunset at that time....
and we could enjoy the breathtaking
sunset view of Macau~
The old city
of Macau
looked so amazing right in front of us...

After seeing the sunset,
we walked back to Senado Square
and on our way,
we tried out the very famous
Portuguese egg tart!
And of course,
LOTS of free food tasting along the way as well~
I must say
it was impressive to see 
they selling all kind of food,
but come on...
even Malaysian food??? Lol!
We passed by the popular 
Saint Dominic's Church
but too bad it was already closed at that time~
Senado square was FULL
with people~
and we were so lucky at that time
to be able to visit free exhibition
at Civic And Municipal Affairs Bureau~
On our way back,
we needed to stop by at this Sunsco Supermarket
which is located very near to the hotel we were staying
(Ole London Hotel)
It is open 24 hours is very convenient for us to buy....
Arne's favorite!
And the price was
very good too!
After taking small rest,
we grabbed a cab
and went to
the very famous 
casino area in Macau!
To be continued...


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