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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

30-11-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 6

After finished walking at Kowloon Park,
we went into Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Center
to get ourselves chilled down a bit with the aircon~
From archaeological discovery from old time
testing your knowledge about archaeological finds...
the center definitely offers a lot of
interesting things to see
(than just the old aircon to cool ourselves down)
This floor
is actually made of glass
and beneath it is trays of broken antiques~
So beautiful!
At the thematic exhibition gallery,
at that time it was exhibition of 'Listen to Hong Kong'
One of the exhibitions
"真心话" (The truth)
Later that day,
I went down from the guesthouse
to buy this Michelin Guide
recommended street food~
It was 妈咪鸡蛋仔
(Mummy Pancake)~
At that time,
a Japanese food show
was doing filming at that shop as well~
I ordered one with chocolate flavor
and costed 20 Hong Kong dollar~
There is a screen right beside the cashier
where it displays the waiting number~
In a short while,
the Japanese hosts got their food...
and so did I!
we spent a little time at the Signal Hill Garden...
which was actually on our way to the ultimate destination~
We were so shocked
to see how many people
gathered there playing Pokemon Go~
We went up the hill,
had a bit of the view~
walked down again....
Our next 'pass-by' stop
was this Subway Starry Gallery~
The artists showcased there
were familiar for me,
but not Arne~
To be continued...


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