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Sunday, October 13, 2013

13-10-2013 Bong & His Sunny Copenhagen Trip (Part 3)

Waking up in the cabin around 0800
and we were about to reach Copenhagen!
 The sky looked crazily beautiful,
I felt like I was out of this earth~
But actually the weather seemed to be not so good..
because it was a bit windy and cloudy~
 Approaching Copenhagen~
the weather turned nice...
 And once landed,
Hohoho! The sun came out!
 First destination, 
a MUST see icon
"the mermaid"
The lonely mermaid on the shore?
Next station,
I don't even know its name..
but it is somewhere near to the mermaid.
It is like a fortress
 And I love this bridge~
 and this church too right beside the river!
Me standing in front of beautiful fountain!
Next station,
Art exhibition..
free on Tuesday..
To be continued,



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