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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

03-10-2013 Bong & His Oslo Friday Culture Night Part 3 (Final)

these are the nice photos that I was talking about in the previous post.
So, what I wanna say is:
Mainland Chinese are just as crazy as Malaysian Chinese~
Then we were supposed to go to concert
but ended up...
watching this weird strange "convert"?
The people were singing as if someone had died..

Last station,
we visited Vigeland Museet. 
Still remember this post?
The famous Vigeland sculptor made them!
Someone said this is the best??
What do you think?? 
Yang Yang with her funny pose~
The famous crying boy statue~
Wait a second?
And sometimes, 
it is really hard to understand what is ART
Outside of the museum there was a real concert :)
not a weird one~
And I am going to end my final culture night post with this another weird sculpture~
Have fun and enjoy guys~


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