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Friday, October 18, 2013

19-10-2013 Bong & His Sunny Copenhagen Trip (Part 5)

Next stop:
The church of Denmark/Danish National Church
In Danish, it is called
Den Danske Folkekirke
Slowly approaching it from Amalienborg...
this building is just phenomenal ~
Needless to talk about its interior design~
I was just wowed by it...
But after a nice visit at the church,
may be it is time for my first meal after landing at Copenhagen~
Danish breakfast
-bread + sausage-
You can easily get it from these mobile stalls~
Next station...
The Round Tower
In Danish: Rundetårn
Right next to it is another nice beautiful church..
I love churches~
The spiral ramp~
Entrance fees: 25 Kr.
There is also mini museum inside there~
Very steep staircases~
The view on top of the tower is breathtaking~
and it was really lucky for me to have such nice weather on that day!
Do you know what it mean?
You better google-translate and find the answer yourself :)
the famous toilet in the tower~
So, what's next?



  1. I recall seeing the church, but I missed the tower, I wish I had seen it. There is one similar in Istanbul and the views were spectacular. I tried translating and it comes up as Norwegian and says, "mononucleosis" is that correct? LOL

    1. i am not too sure , because i am not norwegian :)


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