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Saturday, October 5, 2013

06-10-2013 Bong & His Moon Cake Festival + River Walk in Oslo

19th September was Moon Cake festival for the Chinese this year~
Too bad I wasn't in Asia anymore.
So I couldn't celebrate it.
But there was one event happened at the same day in Oslo too,
which is
On this day, Oslo had 12 hours day time, 12 hours night time~
I and my friend started by watching a grudge music performance
 and of course,
how could we miss out DRUNK norwegians in any event? 
See these two guys..
(Norwegian government, please don't kick me out from Norway)
 Can you see how beautiful the moon was?
 They tied him up...
 then hang it with cran
 and of course,
with fire at the bottom trying to make the show more 'dynamic'
 At the end, of course he succeed~
 Then we started walking along the river
This art show was kinda interesting~
Different graphics were displayed at this house
Not to forget, 
a very nice choir group~
And I still remember one of the songs they played was SKYfall!
That was fantastic!!!
 The water fall looked great at night too?
Remember my day time water fall post?
The pathway was decorated with torch lights, candles and also lights
Other performances and nice decorations~

Nice piece of art huh?
Seems like Norway is not just exotic country
but pretty erotic too~
But they did have romantic sweet stuffs too~ 
 From far I already could see these nice nice BIG ballons 
 And of course, 
I crossed the bridge and went all the way to snap a better picture of them!

What a nice way to end the River walk right?
and also a fantastic way to celebrate Moon Cake Festival
with some lights too in Oslo, Norway...

Stay tuned for more..


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