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Friday, October 11, 2013

11-10-2013 Bong & His Sunny Copenhagen Trip (Part 2)

 Finally, sunset that I have been waiting for~
 The sky was damn orange'ish
really really breathtaking~
 After watching the sunset, 
time to go back inside ferry to get warm
 and of course, 
got some help by drinking this special drink that is only available in this ferry
 Time for dinner!
I simply chose something and it happened to be fish with rice~
Very asian!

 and for the evening,
I went to this club to see some sweet nice couples dancing on the dance floor
and of course there was naughty yet cute young kids joining as well~
 for the youngsters,
they spent time at the cafeteria area first
playing games and having fun
 but once the REAL night began,
they all made the disco floor crowded!
 Guess the cleaner also got a bit drunk at the late night..
see anything special about this cleaning schedule sheet?
Copenhagen on its way..
to be continued


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