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Thursday, November 24, 2016

24-11-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 4

After having a super heavy
yet good buffet,
we continued our sightseeing at Wan Cai area...
We went into this very old building,
which was originally an old post office back then...
and now they
use it as a recycle center~
Very creative and eco-friendly!
After a small tour at the old
post office,
we went straight to the metro station to go back and have a rest~
At night,
we took the metro to Mong Kok~
and began our night market tour
from Ladies Market (Exit D at Mong Kok metro station).
By following the road sign,
we easily found the market~
From t-shirts
to sexy lingerie...
and of course,
you can find almost everything
you want there
but be very careful with the prices~
Since we were not so hungry after
the big buffet,
we only took a light supper~
A plate of supreme soy sauce fried noodles,
Curry fish balls,
and two drinks~
and costed only 62 Hong Kong Dollar!
This price we could only get a cup of coffee in Norway~
We continued the night market tour
to Temple Street Market
after the supper~
and here came the interesting part~
Stalls of fortune tellers!
We also passed by
the local hawker area~
It was a pity that we were already so full
or else it would be really great to try the local delicious cuisine!
From sex shop at the night market,
to Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars~
we spent almost 3 hours walking~
That was tiring but very fun!
To be continued...


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