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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

15-11-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 1

After 1.5 hours of ferry,
we finally arrived at Kow Loon (Hong Kong)~
I knew that the guest house that we were gonna
stay at....
was not very far away from the Kow Loon ferry terminal~
So we just asked a lady working there
for direction
and we started walking
with our big and heavy luggage
to the guest house~
The guest house is located at
Nathan Road...
and Nathan Road is a LONG road~
We spent extra 15 minutes
on our way there
because we went all the way to the end of Nathan Road,
only then started looking for the right number~
The guest house that we were staying
is actually just right beside Tsim Sha Tsui 
subway station~
We went up to the right floor,
right block
then just called the person to open the door for us~
The room that we got
was actually not the same as the one I booked on
I booked one with a window + city view
but turned out they only had a room with no window for us~
The room was small,
but that was kinda expected since it was Hong Kong!
Since it was a Sunday,
they couldn't contact the owner of the guest house
to fix things up for us~
We left the room problem behind,
and went out for dinner~
We simply found a restaurant that looked 
kinda okay~
We ordered set dinner 
1 dish + rice 
+ soup 
and chinese tea~
Price was around HK $60 per person.
We ordered their famous ‘kencur’chicken 
Braised eggplant with salt fish and minced pork
The food was very very good~
but just looking at the small size
of the table,
we could feel the expensiveness of the rental in Hong Kong~
We walked a bit after the dinner
and Arne paid much attention
to the unique taxi in Hong Kong
(The red old Toyota)
The next day,
we got the room that I actually had booked
but they told me it was a mistake with the price
that's why we needed to pay extra for room with window~
At the end, we paid HK $1600 for 5 nights stay at this
guest house~
It wasn't expensive at all...
but I was a bit disappointed with the mistake they made in
The new room that we got
was with private bathroom
but as you can see,
the bathroom was not big at all~
We were totally OK with that,
and in fact 
we were kinda comfortable experiencing the Hong Kong (tiny) style~

To be continued....

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