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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

08-11-2016 Bong & Macau Trip Part 7

After visiting Mandarin House
and walking through the hawkers area at 
Rua da Praia do Manduco...
we walked back to Senado Square,
for me to take a few proper pictures of it...
and also the old Macau Post~
Not to forget,
we tried out
this famous 双皮炖奶
as recommended by a friend of mine!
Just a small bowl of it
and it costed 
30 Macanese Pataca~
But the taste was really really good
30 Macanese Pataca was worth the price I would say~
I also had the chance to visit
Saint Dominic's Church~
It was actually very nice
to walk up to the highest floor of the church
then look at Senado Square from the windows there~
In Macau,
there are so many shops
that sell absolute all kind of things~
and this one....
just looking at its rack 
we would guess that it sold medicines in boxes...
or something like that~
But no...they sell ALL
kind of tuna in aluminium cans~
After hours of walking,
we had enough of sight-seeing
and so we just headed back to the hotel~
We had to say goodbye to 
the Opium House...
Praca de Ponte d Horta...
before we grabbed our bags
and continue our journey to the next place~
From inner harbour area,
we took a taxi
to the outer harbour ferry terminal to take ferry to Hong Kong~
Since we had with us a big luggage,
we needed to check in that luggage and paid extra for that~
After spending 24 hours in Macau,
we had to leave this lovely place
as there were other new adventures awaiting for us~

To be continued...

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