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Saturday, November 19, 2016

19-11-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 2

Our first night at Hong Kong,
we spent our time
walking at this K11 
shopping mall~
This shopping mall
sells pretty much
artistic stuffs~
We actually bought something
like this to someone as Christmas present...
Who the lucky person was then?
Outside the shopping mall,
it was lots of people
sitting there
JUST looking at their phones~
Guess it was POKEMON they were all playing at that time....
We went back early to the guesthouse
to have a good rest~
Right beside where we stayed was the
subway MTR station,
and right beside the MTR station
it is actually a mosque there~
Found it quite interesting to see a mosque at Hong Kong actually~
The next day morning,
we took MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui Station
Wan Chai Station~
Two important things about taking MTR are:
(1) OCTOPUS card
(2) The walking lane everyone needs to follow,
especially at rush hours~
One thing that I liked about their subway
is it informs the passengers
which side of the door they have to exit at~ 
And at subway stations,
it is very normal that there are a lot of exits~
the sign boards were extremely helpful~
So just make sure you know the building
or road you need to head to,
then go to the exit accordingly~
Once we were out from Wan Cai subway station,
we were so shocked
to see trams on the roads....
because there are not that many cities that still have trams
we didn't know that Hong Kong HAS TRAMS!
One more interesting thing is
the trams are double-decker trams!
We went through small alleys
and markets
while heading to our destinations~
We stopped by and shopped 
at this souvenir shop
(錦繡唐朝 Elegant Tang Dysnasty)
which sells cheap and nice souvenir~
You can find all kind of things
at the market at Hong Kong
from toys
to fishes and turtles!!!
Our destination was actually
Hopewell Centre~
But what were we going to do there?
We were actually a bit early there~
So we walked around at Queen's Road East
(It is also name of a famous song)
From shops
to temple...
We just walked
and walked
until the time arrived~
We had to switch a few times
of lifts...
until we reached
the ultimate destination...
To be continued....


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