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Thursday, November 3, 2016

03-11-2016 Bong & Macau Trip Part 5

After spending more than 3 hours
and walking at the casinos...
we NEEDED food.
It was already almost 12 midnight,
and we saw a restaurant right opposite of our hotel was still open~
So we went in...
ordered noodles 
and seafood fried rice 
We were so surprised to see that
they actually used salmon fish in the seafood fried rice~
At first looking at the unit price I thought
it was rather expensive.
But when the food came,
then I knew it was not as expensive as I thought.
The food quantity was actually enough for 4 persons!
Luckily we were super hungry so we still managed to eat all up~
With a big bottle of Qing Dao beer,
we paid only 118 Macau Pataca!
This is the restaurant,
right opposite Ole London Hotel~
HIGHLY recommended!
After a night of sweet nice sleep,
we continued our day 2 walking tour....
exploring the city Macau~
Our first stop was this 
St. Joseph's Seminary and Church~
Since it was Sunday that day,
we had the chance to witness people
doing the Sunday service as well~
But of course,
we didn't spend much time doing that....
So we continued our tour to next 
more famous church
-St. Lawrence Church-
We continued to walk
from St. Lawrence Church
to our next destination....
And we must have somehow walked
a little bit out from the zone~
Suddenly we ended up at 
somewhere right beside Nam Van lake area~
The good thing in Macau is...
it is rather easy to find sign boards!
Following this sign board,
I didn't have to rely on my maps anymore~
We reached Lilau Square and from there
we also managed to find our next destination,
The Mandarin's House
To be continued...


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