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Sunday, November 6, 2016

06-11-2016 Bong & Macau Trip Part 6

We walked into the Mandarin House
and the first thing we saw 
was this Earth God at our right hand side
We walked into the garden,
and was attracted to this hyperactive turtle...
trying all it could to climb out from the pot~

The whole Mandarin House
is actually huge~
with many rooms
many spaces~
We walked from room to room,
lower floor to higher floor...
And looking out from the windows,
the contrasts between the ancient Mandarin House
and new modern buildings of Macau were very interesting to see~
The last room that 
we entered
was a room that was made into exhibition hall~

We spent about less than 45 minutes there~
Then we went out to find a place to sit
with nice lunch to take~
After visiting the Mandarin House,
we followed a small street,
and went down to 
Rua da Praia do Manduco~
It is a hawker streets area
selling all kind of stuffs from fruits to daily items~
We didn't spend anytime looking
as our target at that time was
only finding a place to sit and eat lunch~
We simply chose a shop that was selling
economic rice~
The rice had to be ordered with
4 dishes~
and there was only tea
being served in that shop~
I took around
70 Macanese Pataca to the cashier to pay
but turned out the whole lunch
didn't cost more than 40!
We enjoyed very much of
the delicious and cheap lunch....
After that...

We were supposed to walk back to our hotel,
but on our way,
we just needed to see more.....

To be continued...

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