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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12-08-2015 Bong & His Summer Update (The long islands~Langøyene)

One day
of the summer this year,
we visited this little island 
which is not too far outside from Oslo~
Taking ferry B4,
the ride took about 20 minutes...
and it was the last stop of the ride~
The ferry departed from
Aker Brygge~
So it was nice to see the cruises,
and those nice buildings
from the sea 
while the ferry departed~
Since it was friday
and the sun was shining bright in the sky,
many people were out to the sea as well
after working~
After 20 minutes of 
ferry ride,
we arrived at the jetty~
From the jetty,
just walk straight ..
and you will reach this beach area~
With a big walkway 
between the sandy area...
and the grass field where people
can sit,
have picnic~
Not to forget,
Langøyene is also very famous 
for camping~
But I guess 
I am not interested to build my tent
so close to that many people~
Walking through the forest,
we reached another corner of the island~

The water is so clean
and you can see there are many boats
stopping at that area~
What a nice...
family moment~
We found a nice spot
sat there...
and drank beers~
Of course...
enjoyed the sun too!
There are also 
people who kayak at Oslo Fjord~
And very nice 
naked beach for the naturists~
The time flew when we was there~
After spending around 2-3 hours, 
we walked back to the jetty
and headed home~
That's all for the trip...
to Langøyene~

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