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Friday, August 7, 2015

07-08-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (From north to south: Krokstrand Kafe- Part 17)

for our way back 
from North to South,
we decided to take it 
more relaxed...
and divided the 24 hours journey into 3 days~
After driving for 8 hours the first day,
Arne decided to order buffet 
at this place where we were going to stay overnight~
after a long day of journey,
it was really nice to have nice warm dinner~
A few choices for the warm food...
like fishcakes (fiskekake),
kyllingburger (chicken burger meat),
kjøttboller (meatballs),
etc etc...
And not to forget, 
salads too~
There were chocolate mousse 
with vanilla sauce 
and other stuffs for desserts as well~
The buffet costs 190 Kroner
for each person~
which is rather okay price..
This is how it looks like 
from the outside~
And besides rooms,
they also have camping places~
And small cabins too~
Not sure if they are for 
private use...
or renting out....
this was the room we got..
two single beds
with towels,
water boiler,
and coffee in the room~
If the coffee is not enough,
you can always get more outside...
on top of a small fridge which is placed at the end of the corridor~
The showers are 
inside a shared bathroom...
and of course,
the toilets are shared too~
A big white polar bear statue
is placed outside the kafe~
this is where we stayed..
about 10 minutes drive from the Polar Circle

it is highly recommended if you need a place to stay overnight~


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