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Sunday, August 9, 2015

09-08-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (HELL- FINALE Part 18)

At the very last day of our journey,
we purposely made a turn,
and drove into this place
that we were only supposed to pass by...
Hell is actually a rather nice
beautiful city~
don't worry about 
how difficult it can be to live in hell~
You can still manage to find 
shopping center,
training studio
After checking 
"Hell" out,
we went to the hotel that we have booked for staying overnight~
"Stav Hotel"
We paid for 
1000 Kr (About MYR 500) for 1 night stay,
inclusive of dinner set and buffet breakfast ~
The room was just okay,
but the nice part
was the nice view~
It is located right on top of the E6 highway.
So eating at their restaurant..
is really a nice experience~
Enjoying the scenery...
while looking at cars driving through~
Dinner was "meat-cakes"
with brown sauces
and served with potatoes,
pea stew (ertestuing)
cranberries jam~
Breakfast was rather good...
since it had very wide variety of food selection~
But the warm potatoes
were actually the leftover from the dinner 
the day before..
many restaurants or hotels do that...
and this is kinda a budget hotel.
So, why complains~ 
From all kinds of pålegg 
to my favorite 
waffles with brown cheese!
18 posts of 3 weeks holiday
in the north~
Now I have finish blogged all of them~



  1. I have stayed in Hell hotel,nice but u had to eat Trøndersk Sodd,hehe


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