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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

04-08-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (Fishing in the sea - Part 16)

After fishing in the lake,
Arne also managed to find 
one nice day
with not much wind
to go fishing in the sea~
This is the kind
of fishing
that he is more 
familiar with~
And of course,
he is also good in rowing the boat~
He rowed and rowed...
because to fish 'sei'  (pollock in english),
the boat and the bait have to move fast 
and not stay still~

After that he rowed 
the boat further from the shore~
to try to fish 'torsk' (cod in english)

With my lucky hand,
we got the first fish...
and thanks to Arne for killing the fish too~
I was screaming like a...
(okay, you guys know what it is)
because I have never fished anything this big!
After that,
we stayed for another...
1 hour fishing,
but we only managed to get some small fishes 
that we let go at the end~
Back to the shore,
Arne started 'cleaning'
the cod that we got~

Cut off
its head~
and that's all.
That's all about the fishing
in the sea~


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