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Friday, August 14, 2015

14-08-2015 Bong & His Trip to Trondheim Part 11 (Walking around Brattøra~)

After blogging about 1 month for 
my north Norway trip,
now it is time to continue what I have left behind~
It was a sunny day
walking around Brattøra~
And looking at those 
nice new flats at such fancy area...
that was a joy!
How I wish 
I could also have an apartment there~
This nice bridge
also has sensor
detecting the number of cyclists using the bridge~
The number of cyclists of that day..
and also 
the total of cyclists using that bridge~

We walked 
and walked...
then we reached at this
"Art Hotel Norway"~
Not too bad
as hotel model right?
I don't mind spending some nights there~
And passed by 
Rock + Trondheim
Clarion hotel
with nice design of
its exterior wall~
Then we finished the tour..
taking this newly build bridge,
back to our hotel...
since the weather was really nice...
I did not want to stay in the hotel~
So I came out and had some photo shoots myself~
And of course,
one self timer picture~
Then I was done for the day!
To be continued...


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