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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

26-08-2015 Bong & His Trip to Trondheim Finale (From art museum to dining at tower)

one last thing that we could not miss for this trip
was dining at Egon Tårnet~
we walked from our hotel
to the city central
to catch the bus going there~
We passed by Trondheim Tinghuset,
some cute shops,
and many more~
Not to forget this
Trondheim Art Museum~
We didn't go into the museum
since it was closed~
but at least we spent a bit time
looking at some art sculptures
like this one 
"The love that never left"
A cage that catches a man's head?
Love that never left?
To go to Egon Tårnet,
we took the bus at the bus stop
right beside the red Studentersamfundet~
-Bus 60-
And stopped at this
"Kvilhaugen" stop..
then walked like 10 minutes to the destination~
Taking the elevator up,
we reached the first floor of the restaurant...
taking picture there ain't that easy
the window is not clean like everyday you know~
We went up to the second floor,
then we were seated
and ordered the food ourselves at the counter~
same like in KL Tower,
this restaurant is on a rotating platform~
My dinner...
Fish and Potatoes~
The food was okay... 
more important thing about this restaurant is its view~

Nearby the tower
is a lot of housing area~
But not overly crowded kind of housing area
which is superb!
It is actually
a very famous place to see the whole view of Trondheim~
after dining out at this Egon Tårnet~
we walked back to our hotel...
which was downhill..
and took us only around 45 minutes~
that's ALL about Trondheim's trip!
Good that I have finally finish blogged about the trip~


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