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Thursday, August 20, 2015

20-08-2015 Bong & His Trip to Trondheim Part 13 (From Pizza buffet to sun and snow at the same time~)

We walked...
and walked....
then we reached at this shopping center~
Time just flew
and we realized...
we were kind hungry~
with only the price of 107 Kroner per person...
we chose the best deal we could find there...
which was this pizza buffet at Egon restaurant~
Sitting inside the restaurant,
we felt like so warm 
with the sun shining through the window...
But looked carefully~
It was actually snowing outside!
Trndheim is kinda known as having strange weather~
It could be sun, rain, snow..
all happens in one day~
After the lunch,
we continued the sight seeing~
Though Trondheim itself
doesn't seem to be that big as a city~
but we found many statues there...
Having enough of walking and sight seeing,
we decided to go back hotel 
and have a bit rest~
And on the way back to the hotel,
we passed by this antique store...
would you pay 980 Kroner for this piece of old furniture? 
But since the weather was really really good,
Arne decided to take a cup of coffee
before we headed back to hotel~
As you can see, 
he was enjoying the coffee
and the sun~
It was really nice to have sun when the temperature was only around 10...
And of course,
as usual 
I was busy taking pictures...

To be continued...

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