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Thursday, July 2, 2015

02-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (From road to ferry - Part 3)

After passing polar circle
and driving for sometimes,
we found this perfect spot
to have our breakfast :)
This beautiful place
is called
Stunning views with sun in north Norway..
Nothing we could complain more even though it was not so very warm~
Driving in north Norway
is an experience with 
then another tunnel
and tunnel
and tunnel...
That's why Arne's son Andreas asked us to count...
how many tunnels along our way~
Driving in the north
is also an experience 
from seeing spectacular mountain views...
to coast line...
At one place,
we needed to take ferry~
Wanna eat blue shells?
The ferry goes from Bognes
to Skarberget..
and takes about...20-30 minutes~
It wasn't very big~
half of the size of ferry from Butterworth
to Penang island~
But the view was really breathtaking
and of course,
we were lucky with the sun as well~
"What a pleasant journey"~

To be continued...

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