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Thursday, July 9, 2015

09-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (St. Hans at Malangen - Part 5)

This is Malangen...
A country side with sea and mountains~
When there is not windy...
the sea looks so peaceful and quiet
like a mirror~
Our 3rd day in Malangen, 
23rd of June...
was St. John's eve
(Sankthansaften in Norwegian)
On that day, 
people make bonfire to celebrate the event~
of course, we did as well~
Since this place is so close to the coast line,
there are a lot of seagulls~
Cute little seagulls,
which was still little 
and could not fly..
or even make noises like his/her parents~
"En" means one;
"Gang" means time;
"En-Gang-s-Grill" means one time's grill~
There you go,
grilled sausage + bread~
Stories of summer holiday...
To be continued....


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