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Monday, July 13, 2015

13-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (From sea to way above the sea - Part 7)

One evening after dinner,
Arne decided to show me
a secret childhood place of his~
We walked along the shorelines..
which were full with rocks..
And not to forget,
some nice 
yet unique flowers...
After about 45 minutes 
of walking,
we reached his 
so called...
-Troll Cove-
He described to me..
the place is rather creepy...
But sorry,
I only saw lovely sea view~
Then we had to walk back..
but we did not want to use the same way we came back with...
we climbed up to the hill...
Which was rather 
physically exhausting~
At the end,
we managed to reach the top of the hill...
The view was amazing from the top
of the hill..
What amazed me 
was certain part of the area was shined by the sun...
while others were just remained dark and cloudy~
Then we found the way to walk back to the main road....
and walked home~
The next day,
we were asked by Anniken 
to join for a hill hiking trip~
We started with walking
more on less steep ground..
And after 20 minutes walking,
we could already see that we were kind of up above the sea level~
We reached our first pit stop..
where we could write our names~
to mark that we have been there!
We had also a small break
since we needed to write our names~
Then we continued our hiking...
on more hilly kind of pathway~
After passing this very steep area,
then we reached the top!
(more like one of the tops~ lol...)

Of course the view was even more amazing
and breathtaking~
when we were standing so high above the sea level!
We could see the main road along the shoreline..
and those houses,
farms along the road~
Though it was a bit cold,
it was still very nice to be there...
Even Tinka the dog was also chilling there~
The hitchhiking who reaches there
can also write his or her name
in the notebook inside this postbox~
The whole walking trip took us about 1.5 hours...
may be a higher top next time~

To be continued...


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