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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

28-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (Fishing in lake - Part 14)

One day 
which was really warm
(like above 20 degrees) 
in the north....
we made a plan to fish
at a nearby lake~
with Kjell!
To start with the fishing activity,
we must found the baits first~
which were the worms~
After digging in the soils
for about... 
20 minutes~
we got enough of worms..
then we departed the journey 
to walk to the lake~
It wasn't such a long walk...
only took about 20 minutes~
But the views along the way
were really amazing~
From hill
to mud~
Finally we reached
the spot for fishing~
Since it was one of 
the warmest summer days 
in north Norway,
I decided to take a swim in this lake~
and gain my first ever swimming experience in the water of
north Norway!
And of course,
with the surrounding being
so incredible~
I also spent some time taking some pictures~
A selfie
with the reflection of the water huh? 

Cold beers
at such
cozy and peaceful evening~
Kjell taught me 
how to fish~
But too bad, 
I didn't have the luck to get any fish that night~
This was Kjell's 
first caught by the way~
Trout fish!
And he also made
very good
'burn' toast
with brown cheese...
that was absolutely delicious!
even though Me and Arne
did not get anything,
it was still a nice evening
spending with friend~
Arne making his bonfire~
me learning how to fish~
And not to forget,
such lovely 


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