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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

21-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (From Gryllefjord to Heia - Part 11)

After visiting Hamn,
our next station was Gryllefjord~
When the weather was nice,
sun was shining bright~
everything seemed perfect~
And this is the stunning
Gryllefjord bridge~
Then we continued 
the drive to ....
The name sounds like "The Torsk fish" in Norwegian~
We didn't spend much time there
Only drove in a circle
since the town only had one road in a circle~
even the road was not detected
in GPS!
We had our dinner 
at this place called 
We ordered the set meal...
The food was nice
and the portion was big enough for a BIG eater like me
After eating the dinner,
we drove back to Malangen~
But on our way, 
we stopped by the Sami's selling area at Heia~
They sell Sami people's stuffs
and also
other typical Norway souvenirs~
They also sell very good
reindeer soup~
But since we were so full with our dinner,
we didn't order the reindeer soup...
We didn't buy anything...
since they were either too expensive
or rather common~
So, we just headed home...

Stay tuned for more...

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