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Thursday, July 23, 2015

23-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (Mid night sun with Titanic - Part 12)

One evening with 
good weather,
Geir suggested to use his boat to go to the sea~
He used his tractor 
to take the boat to coastline
then release it to the sea~

Me and Arne
were just sitting inside in boat~
Leaving the coastline..
we were then...
in his motor boat~
"speeding" in the sea!
He drove the boat
from Mortenhals
to Asnes~
The Furumo family was also on their way
out to the sea for fishing~
The whole backseat 
was mine!
There was this spot
with lots of seagulls~
While we were enjoying the moment,
we realized there was water coming into the boat~
Geir realized that 
it must be something wrong with the boat
so he drove it back
immediately to the coastline~
On the way,
he dropped Arne to pick up another boat
which is only with paddles and without motor...
So we just ended this fun, 
yet short and scary "Titanic" boat trip...
More to come ..
stay tuned..


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