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Saturday, July 11, 2015

11-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (Fjæra & Slange- Part 6)

In this post two norwegian words 
will be introduced...
(1) Fjæra
meaning - shoreline
At Malangen,
fjæra is where people like to go to....
to have a walk,
or to put up a bonfire...
I was walking alone
about 10 in the evening at fjæra...
P/S: the sun never gone down in North Norway during summer~
Looking at the seagulls flying in the sky
 listening to the sound of splashing waves....
It was so nice
to have such lovely and relaxing moment~
This reminded me
of the old gas station in those Hollywood movies~
On my way back,
I had to go through these bushes...
because there was no proper road.
I was so afraid that there might be snakes in the bushes...
But luckily there was none.
as told by Arne..
there is no snake in North Norway,
because it is too cold for snake to live here~

now comes the second norwegian word I want to introduce~
which is 
(2) Slange
Meaning : Snake...
or another thing that you will see at the end of this post~
After my alone walk at fjæra,
then I met up with Arne...
and we walked together to find "slange"~
we walked through trees, 
bushes...and found the "slange"
This "slange" is the only "slange"
you can find in North Norway~
this is the "slange"...
Since Arne's sister's cabin does not have 
proper water pipping system,
so we were asked to help her
to put the hose (slange)
into a stream coming from the hill..
so that it can collect water...
to a well~
After setting up the 'settings'
to collect water,
the hose was then ready~
The only thing left was to check if the water flew through the hose
to the well.
We then walked from the stream
to the well...
Along the way,
of course it was many unique kind of plants~
we found the christmas trees that Arne planted before
when he was still a farmer~
we found the well!
Arne checked on it,
but we had to come again for other days because it would take 
some time for the water to pump into the hose...
that's all about fjæra and slange~

More stories of summer holiday...
to be continued...


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