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Friday, July 17, 2015

17-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (Trolls visit - Part 9)

Since the weather forecast reported 
good weather with sun,
we decided to take a tour to 
First place
that we visited at Senja
was this 

At the entrance,
there were already kids 
dressing up as trolls
to welcome the visitors~
And of course,
play with the other kids as well~
They even have toilets
specifically for "store rompe" (Big ass) troll
and "små rompe" (Small ass) troll~
They have also shows
the so called 
"The Trollings Stones"
The whole place
is decorated with trolls~
From trolls with treasure
to trolls with dead body~
There are kids
giving their baby nipples 
to Senja Trolls as well~
There are also
more things outdoor~
not just indoor trolls statues...
such as this north norwegians' hall of fame~
And outdoor garden~
with Hulder statues...
There is souvenir shop..
with regular trolls souvenirs
and other norway souvenirs too~ 
And of course,
these twos are the sexiest one that
I could find besides the regular cute one~
To be continued...

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