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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

15-07-2015 Bong & His Summer Holiday (Waterfalls: From source of water to stone bridge - Part 8)

There were two waterfalls 
in Malangen
that Arne wanted to show to me~
First one was about 20 minutes walking from where we stayed...
But in order to go there,
it wasn't easy trip of 20 minutes...
We had to go through bushes...

Then finally we reached
this beautiful
BIG waterfall
which also serves as the source of water
to many houses nearby~
The waterfall is huge..
and the view is magnificent~
Of course...
I had to take picture for Arne~
And he helped me 
to take a pic of me too!
They made it a damp
so that it can collect water~
Then he also brought me to
another waterfall..
with a natural stone bridge~
On the way to the waterfall,
the sheep were already welcoming us~
As compared to the first waterfall,
this waterfall is easier to be reached~
No big forest...
No big bushes~
And this waterfall
is even MORE
This is the natural 
stone bridge~
The river is way...
below the cliff~
and starts way up high
in the mountain~
That's the reason why it looks 
so amazing~
On our way back to the main road,
we used another way
and passed by this...
old tent~
Guess it is a place
for the people
to camp
or hang out in the nature~
Coming out from the main road,
we walked to the shoreline there~
since the weather was so nice
and it wasn't so cold
(for summer in North Norway)
More stories coming up next..


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